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  • Remake


Test Certify Record

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active hose
Click to reorderCode No. Click to reorderStatus Re-test date Hose Manufacture date Test schedule
DEMO-010 15/05/2023 Transchem 02/02/2015 12 months
DEMO-008 27/04/2023 Transfuel 20/04/2015 12 months
DEMO-001 22/10/2023 SS-Super-Powerflex 15/05/2016 6 months
DEMO-002 24/07/2023 Z117 - Food S&D 15/02/2016 12 months
DEMO-004 25/05/2023 S12524 - Red PVC FOOD 14/12/2015 6 months
DEMO-007 02/05/2023 SS-Super Powerflex 07/05/2015 6 months
DEMO-009 09/05/2023 Transoil 09/03/2015 12 months
DEMO-005 28/04/2023 Z116 - Food Delivery 22/10/2015 12 months
DEMO-003 24/06/2023 SS-Super Powerflex 15/01/2016 12 months
DEMO-006 05/05/2023 PTFE Braided/Smoothbore 25/06/2015 12 months
archived hose
Code No. Status Re-test date Hose Manufacture date Test schedule
ARCH-001 10/04/2023 Transfuel 04/05/2015 12 months
ARCH-002 07/10/2022 SS-Super Powerflex 10/03/2015 6 months
ARCH-003 25/01/2023 Transoil 10/01/2015 12 months
ARCH-004 26/03/2023 PTFE Braided/Smoothbore 15/05/2015 12 months

Hose Testing

Any Time You Need Us

Manufacturing Engineering Laboratories

Certified Testing Equipment

In-House up to 10,000 PSI
On-Site up to 3,200 PSI
Electrical continuity test

Intrinsically safe (non sparking)
Portable testing machines
For hazardous areas

Test equipment carries
Calibration certification
For measurements specified

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